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Competitions - TheTechFest 2017


Competition Terms
  • No extra price for Competitions.
  • People who bought event ticket will have a chance to register for any competition but there is no assurance.
  • Competition slots will be alloted on first come first serve basis based on Competition rules.
  • We recommend delegates to carry laptops with full charge if interested to participate.
  • Follow It

    The completion contains 2 levels. Assembling , programming and the race respectively. Points will given on the completion of each level , the team with highest points will be declared as the winner.
    LEVEL 1
    The participants will be given parts of the robot and will be asked to fit the robot by fixing it mechanically and electrically.

    Criteria : The 10 groups which finish first will be promoted to the next round.
    LEVEL 2
    After the participants fix it, there will be a line following competition .

    Criteria : The robot which finishes the race first will be declared as the winner.

    Junkyard Auction

  • The team (2-3 participants) participating must assemble a computer buying them for a mock auction there..
  • The team that assembles the computer in minimum time wins the competition.
  • Not a compulsion that all computer parts be present after assembling.
  • It is enough if the computer starts.
  • A basic part from the CPU must be given to each team.
  • Judging Criteria
    The best assembled, efficiently functioning computer in minimum time and cost wins!

    Rescue Tujan

    Tujan is an astronaut from NASA. He is on an expedition to Induro ( a far away planet). Tujan misses his spaceship and has to find his way out of the planet. For that Tujan needs your help in overcoming challenges to find him another spaceship.
    A team of 4-5 has to be formed, preferably with team members from different branches. (Mech , Chem(Bio-Tech) , CSE (IT) ,ECE(EEE) , Civil ).

    This team of 4-5 has to solve the given set of challenges say 5, to help Tujan return to Earth.The questions or challanges will range from Technical aspects to logical thinking or even riddles which may serve as clues for other challenges.
    Consider one such challenge
    There's a rover sent for research to Induro. The electronic circuit has been spoiled due to different weather conditions.The ECE/EEE team member repairs the circuit.

    In the same way other team members will be posed challenges.The team as a unit has to overcome the challenges in least possible time.
    The team with as many points as possible (points gained by colving the given challenges) will win the competetion.

    If the teams tie on points, the team which has maximum points with minimal time duration wins the competition.
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